MAMA DAO aims to become a community-owned mutual fund that sets out to help build the future of metaverse and DeFi gaming.
We are committed to building a thriving community that reflects your values, more so than a conventional meme coin. The MAMA DAO would not be successful if it is not formed on the basis of a loyal community with aligned values.

Phase 1 - Development Launch and Grow

  • MAMA DAO Launch
  • Staking Live
  • (1,1) Bonding Live
    • DAI-MAMA Bonds
    • DAI Bonds
  • Web App - Dashboard
  • Transfer contacts ownership to DAO's multisig wallet
  • DAI-MAMA (4,4) Bonds
  • DAI (4,4) Bonds
  • MAMA Logo Figma Repository
  • CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap listing
  • Stablecoins Bonds (USDC)
Work in progress:
  • Web App Dashboard - Graphs
  • wMatic Bonds
  • Github Repo
  • Yo MAMA NFTs*
*Note: Check discord for details.


  • Launch of DAO
  • Snapshot vote
  • Audit
  • Yo MAMA NFT Marketplace
  • MAMA Land - digital land acquisition and development
  • My MAMA - play-to-earn gaming guild
  • Listing on Centralised Exchanges
  • Metaverse & GameFi Partnerships

Phase 3 - Scale & Sustain

  • General Cross-chain expansion
  • Real Life & Metaverse MAMA Community Events
  • More to come...