How to set up MetaMask wallet for Polygon Network

Since $MAMA is on the Polygon Network, you will need a wallet that support the Polygon/Matic Mainnet.

1. Install the MetaMask Extension from the Store for your Browser

Visit the MetaMask website and download the MetaMask extension for your browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, etc.). - Chrome - iOS (iPhone) - Android - Edge - Firefox

2. Create a MetaMask Wallet or Import Wallet

i. Create a new wallet if you haven't got one already.
ii. Click import wallet if you have an existing wallet.
Set up your password and store secret recovery phrase somewhere safe. Note: Store your secret recovery phrase offline, write it down on paper and store in a safety deposit box/somewhere safe. Make sure you never share the secret recovery phrase with anybody!

3. Set up MetaMask to connect to Polygon Network

i. Switch the connected blockchain by clicking on the tab "Main Ethereum Network", then click "Add Network" or "Custom RPC".
ii.Enter the following information: