MAMA (4,4) Bonding

Essentially, 4,4 Bond rewards are paid in sMAMA instead of MAMA, so that your bond rewards will compound while being vested. This means you won't need to stake them after you claim them at every epoch, making it a win win situation.

What is the difference between (4,4) and (1,1) bonds?

(4,4) bonds are similar to (1,1) bonds in the way they are purchased. However, the key differences are:
● (4,4) bond rewards are paid in sMAMA instead of MAMA (so bond rewards are automatically compounded as they are vested). The (4,4) bond rewards can only be claimed once the bond is fully vested (i.e. 3 days).
● (4,4) bonds likely will have a smaller discount compared to (1,1) bonds. This is because (4,4) bonds reward buyers with sMAMA that are compounded as they are vested. Even though the discounts are lower, it's often more profitable to buy (4,4) than (1,1) bonds
● (4,4) bonds are typically in shorter supply than (1,1) bonds due to the fact they are more profitable and also use to control dilution

How to buy (4,4) bonds?

The buying process for (4,4) bonds are similar to (1,1) bonds - please refer to How to Buy a Bond guide to find out more.